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Welp, left work early and been fuggin' with this thing for a few hours now and I gotta take a break. At this point, not terribly impressed.

Netflix is laggy and only showing in SD no matter what display settings I change. Running perfect as always on XBox w/same ethernet connection. One thing I noticed was there weren't any HD/Audio feed indicators on the Android app. Is that app just not HD? This some booshit if so.

Are there any updates to the Fusion stuff on XBMC or other recommended addons you guys are using (haven't looked at the tvonline or WTF stuff yet)? I followed the link you ref'ed, Fish and installed a bunch of stuff from zip. Most of the ones you recommended weren't there anymore, and the other Icefilms/Sportsdevil's stuff all seems to be showing as broken when I try to install the video stuff in the addons.

So, yeah, frustrated enough to quit messing with it for tonight even though I didn't have to pay for it. I don't care as much about the Netflix since I also have that in HD on my XBox (and my bluray and my tv and my ipad and my...seriously, WTF?) but I'm pretty interested in actually getting the XBMC to work...
Is Netflix updated? Old versions of Netflix app were SD only. Check for updates. Make sure the firmware is up to date on the Jynxbox itself. Older firmware were bad with that model. Be sure you're running the latest version of XBMC as well. Should be 12.2 Frodo. Regarding the plugins, they are there I assure you. You just need to refresh the repositories to see them. It can be confusing. I posted this quite a while back.

Right-click and select Check for Updates and Force Refresh. Do this several times. I've had to do it like 10 times in some cases. It takes a while for it to kick in, as it's downloading in the background. Do each a bunch of times, and then click on the repo listing again. It should show Working and the spinning progress bar, and eventually show you the contents. If you don't see anything in the contents but the "...", then it's not updated yet. Sometimes the sources of these get overloaded. It can be confusing at first, but be patient it will work...
My suggestion? Say **** it, go have a beer with friends and family. Relax and don't let it frustrate you tonight.

Then in a day or so, head over to this thread and read through it:

From brief reading in that thread, it looks like it takes a little tweaking to make that smooth, and there are some updates available that you obviously need.
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