Thread: U.S. Issues 2013 Farm Bill
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Originally Posted by Iowanian View Post
Most FSA offices couldn't manage a Swingline stapler.

I think there needs some major reform in the farm bill. Welfare has to be addressed and brought into check.

That said, there are too many subsides for farmers who don't need it and there are too many loopholes with "corporations" having so many subsidiary farm names etc to beat the system.

What I'd like to see would be limitations put on payments(caps) to discourage people buying large chunks of land specifically to take advantage of those programs, and I think any payments need to be tied to a "trigger" based on crop prices. If corn is over $3 for example.

Farming needs to be encouraged to be local and less corporate for sure. You don't see standing corn and beans right now in fields of guys who farm 500-1000 acres, it's the 20,000 acre guys who plant it for the check and don't care if it is harvested.
Agreed 100%
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