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Originally Posted by Iowanian View Post
Most FSA offices couldn't manage a Swingline stapler.
You have no idea how right you are. Currently, in my county there are two ladies that do FSA administration. They are really solid, but there are at least 15 people in the county selling MCPI. Add in all the bullshit the government would require after they take it away from private industry and look the hell out. It would be beyond terrible.

Originally Posted by Iowanian View Post
I think there needs some major reform in the farm bill. Welfare has to be addressed and brought into check.
That's not going to happen. The Senate absolutely will not move from that. Not even a pretend cut that looks they're trying to compromise. Not happening in the foreseeable future.

Originally Posted by Iowanian View Post
That said, there are too many subsides for farmers who don't need it and there are too many loopholes with "corporations" having so many subsidiary farm names etc to beat the system.

What I'd like to see would be limitations put on payments(caps) to discourage people buying large chunks of land specifically to take advantage of those programs, and I think any payments need to be tied to a "trigger" based on crop prices. If corn is over $3 for example.

Farming needs to be encouraged to be local and less corporate for sure. You don't see standing corn and beans right now in fields of guys who farm 500-1000 acres, it's the 20,000 acre guys who plant it for the check and don't care if it is harvested.
For the most part there limits. On direct payments, it's $40,000, traced back to your SSN. If you're doing business as an LLC or Corp receiving payments and you are receiving a payment as a landlord, you have to submit your operating agreement to FSA with your % share of ownership, and your total payments cannot exceed $40,000 between all your entity equity and landowner status.

The ACRE program is an exception, but we had some acres in that program and it only paid out over the limit one time, but we ate it all the other years. It would have yielded better to have all the acres in direct payment.

There are some conservation programs that run through NRCS that don't track payment limits to SSN, and those can be finagled with to get around the limit. But, with that program, we have to follow the requirements to achieve the appropriate conservation goals agreed upon in the contract, and at the end of the thing there isn't a lot left over and it ends up being a cost share.

I'm not familiar with all the programs out there, but the subsidy is limited out by SSN at $40,000. Which in the grand scheme of things isn't all that much in today's world. At $4 corn, that's 10,000 bushels. If you farm 10,000 acres, that's a bushel per acre subsidy at very low price levels.

Additionally, Direct payments are going away. That's pretty much been known since 2008. They're ****ing worthless anyway. Farmers just act as a pass-through for that money to fertilizer, chemical, machinery companies, and sometimes landlords.

I don't know what is going to happen with all the conservation programs, but that seems like less of a subsidy than the direct payment because you have to do specific improvements that almost undoubtedly cost money to be in the programs. I don't even know how many farmers are in the programs. I hear of a lot of counties that have agents too lazy to administer them, so they just don't enroll anybody.

As for your comment about putting the crop out there for the check, I don't know of anybody doing that. If they are, then they're achieving a pretty poor living on $40,000. Some people have chosen to put out crops in poor growing conditions rather than fallow the ground to insure the crops, but if that was a crime, 75% of all our crops would fall into that category. Most of the time (read: everytime but 2012 and 2013) it starts raining and we can grow a crop. But at these crop prices, it is far more profitable to grow a crop than to count on Insurance and Direct Payments. Particularly after what happens to your APH when you bomb a crop.

As for the $3 corn trigger, as far as I know the LDP program is still in effect. It's just been awhile since it has been needed.

Originally Posted by banyon View Post
Agree with this.

There is plenty of waste and fraud to cut on both the food stamp side and the farm subsidy side. These farmers need to start appreciating that we aren't in the Great Depression anymore when most of these rules made sense. On the other side, it makes me want to vomit when I see a married illegal immigrant couple at the grocery store who don't tell the government that they are married, keep their separate names, and the woman draws all the federal funds she can get while the guy has a stack of 100s tax free that he is buying steaks with.
To be fair, the rules for this farm program were set in 2008. And while the Great Depression was horrid (More the dust bowl than the depression), from a purely accounting perspective, 1999-2004ish was worse than the depression. Additionally, in terms of drought, the last 3 consecutive years in my county have been far worse than any single year, much less 3 year span during the dirty 30's. While it is nice that the corn belt has been killing it, save 2012, the rest of the ag industry has not been quite so lucky.

On the SNAP side, yeah. That's shit. And in KS, at least at one time, you could get cash back on the vision card. Wife worked a grocery store in college and they'd buy a little bit of food on their vision card, get cash back, and go back through and buy beer and cigarettes with the cash. Sickening.

That being said, I do like WIC. You have to show actual need and get approved ACTUAL food for your family. I don't know how illegals factor into that, but I am definitely in favor of showing need and getting actual food.

I am also in favor of school lunches, for the most part. I don't know what the requirements to get them are, but in a lot of cases, school is the only place these kids get to eat. And Michelle Obama's plan jacked with that quite a bit. When my wife worked in Garden, there were several kids that only got to eat at school, and then Michelle Obama said they couldn't get seconds on protein. That's ridiculous.

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