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Conservation programs, CRP, Wetland grass, forest reserve and a number of other programs are mostly taken advantage of in my area by wealthy out of state or absentee landowners. The tax payers have literally paid for thousands of acres of farms for people who worked it right, a congressman who pushed the program being one of them.

The subside direct payment is one thing, but let's not kid that there are a lot of people out there farming the insurance checks, and let's not pretend there isn't a lot of gray area in that too. no farmer ever "loses" a few wagons of corn.

I support agriculture and farmers, but far more of the new fancy brick front homes I see these days are in corn fields than in towns. You can search those owner names and pretty regularly they've taken in astonishing numbers of subsidies over the past decade.

I'm all for WIC. I don't have a problem providing specific foods to kids in need. I'll always support that.

I'm also in favor of school lunch programs, but I almost wish we'd just cut the crap and just provide lunches and milk as part of an education. I live in an area where quite a high percentage truly need this type of help. I'm ok with it. I didn't fully understand that there really are hungry kids out there. I know of a program where school kids are sent home on weekends with a backpack of food and snacks on the weekend, because they wouldn't eat otherwise. Programs exist in welfare, but if single-mom or dad is a shitbrick meth head.....some kids I know of actually hide the backpack when they get home.
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