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Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
Of course we can agree to disagree here on the importance of bowl games.

But since you said to ask any Bama fan, I'll ask myself:

"Self, how do you feel about Alabama losing their last two games after a promising season where you were ranked #1 the whole way?"

"Well, self, losing the last regular season game to Auburn hurts a lot. It cost us a spot in the SEC championship game, and effectively ensured that we would not play for the BCS national championship. Losing the Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma doesn't hurt at all, comparatively. It doesn't feel good to have been outcoached by Bob Stoops. But it also does nothing to take away from our gargantuan success in recent years, or our best-in-the-nation recruiting class for next year." are one of the well-thought and reasonable Bama fans. And you know that I know you are a Bama fan. But I work with a couple of Bama alumni and let me tell you, they aren't anywhere close to your same mindset. They pretty much spent most of the next day acting like someone pissed in their corn flakes, stupped their wives and reminded them that Auburn was playing for the NC.

One went as far as to say that he wished that Saban had taken the Texas job because he might have become complacent.

While you may be reasonable, you know that you are probably in the minority in that thinking.
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