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Originally Posted by NewChief View Post

I need suggestions for family friendly movies that aren't the typical animated Pixar stuff because my kids have seen all of those. Things along the lines of Jumanji, Ghostbusters, Willow, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc...

I'd prefer movies with enough complexity to keep adults entertained, but they've got to be off the beaten path a bit. Classics with some artistic merit are preferred. We're talking a mature (too mature) 6 year old and a 9 year old here. The Hobbit is about as far as I'll go with the six year old as far as adult themes, and I caved on that one in a moment of weakness (I wanted to see the damned thing too, and I figured letting him see it was my best bet).

Some others they've enjoyed lately:
Escape to Witch Mountain
The Last Mimzy
Air Bud and all the "buddy" movies (groan, I can't stand watching these).

I'm thinking I may hit up all the Miyazaki movies soon. They saw Ponyo when they were younger, but I think they'd like all of them. My older child is obsessed with movies (like on the verge of Asperger's obsessed), so I'd like for him to at least watch stuff that isn't total shit, as he'll sit there and watch Super Buddies, Air Bud, Santa Buddies, and that dreck over and over if I let him, which causes no end of fights about what we're going to watch on family movie nights.
The Land Before Time! I loved that movie.
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