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Originally Posted by SportSyTb View Post
Rather than buy into the idea of a conference network, they decided to go rogue. In so doing, they drove four original members out of the conference with the LHN being the final straw. They also put three games on a channel that next to nobody has...even in Texas, effectively blacking out a quarter of their games.

Since then, aTm has captured the casual fans in Texas with JFF winning the Heisman. Nebraska fans watched their team win their division in the B1G. The 16,000,000 eyeballs in Missouri couldn't care less about a mediocre Texas team when their team is tearing it up in the SEC.

Meanwhile, the Horns kicked off the season with blowout losses to BYU and Ole Miss. (Word to the wise: when you're trying to convince the country that your conference is a comparable product to the SEC, don't have your flagship program get blown home, no a perennial SEC doormat...and then let that flagship team turn around and go 7-1 in conference...with a backup QB...and after replacing their DC midseason with a guy who hadn't coached anything in years.) Buy the latest women's fashion, kids and men's nfl jerseys online. Choose from over 10000 designer styles including t shirts,hoodies,jackets, jeans & track suits.
The best team in the Big 12 pummeled the best team in the SEC.

Better luck next year beating us.
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