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i still like ncaa 14 and find the offense is better. i dont run read option so i can't comment on that but i love throwing passes in that. i also love the difficulty in the road to glory mode however they could improve on it much more.

idunno, i have madden 25 for ps4 and still find myself going back to NCAA 14 & 13..there's just something about the ncaa games i always found were better then madden and at least the closest thing to NFL 2K5 in terms of gameplay.

i'll admit the defense in 14 is broken but i really love the atmosphere of the game, graphics, physics and if you get a real good ranked game online its fun as hell.

anyone have a roster code though for the real authentic rosters ? i'm talking after the season, not before. missing guys like nick marshall from auburn and a few others. thx
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