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For the USDA regional hubs, a cursory scan does not show a direct connection to the EPA. If you’re bored enough the links are to the USDA produced info:
“ USDA’s Regional Hubs will deliver science-based knowledge and practical information to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners within each region of the United States to support decision-making related to climate change. These Hubs are needed to maintain and strengthen agricultural production, natural resource management, and rural economic development under increasing climate variability.”

Historically Ethanol got the goodies due to lobbyists and the belief that ethanol policy tax credits reduced the tax costs of farm subsidy programs because two of the biggest farm subsidy programs are contingent on market prices for crops: the loan deficiency payment and countercyclical payment programs. Biodiesel simply didn’t hit the potential volume of change that ethanol could when used in the centralized farm management approach, that I detest. For either fuel, the historic breakeven point without credits or subsidies was around $ 4.00 a gallon and conventional fuels haven’t risen to the point where this was a sustainable price-Good. Not to mention the poor relative performance of these fuels and the kizillions of gallons of water required to make these stills/blends /production facilities work in the real world.
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