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Originally Posted by Third Eye View Post
You're an idiot and have completely missed the point. Is it going to be some MLG style leet-fest for the 15 year old whose life revolves around their K/D? No. What it is going to be is the most fun FPS that I've played in years. Hell, probably since Modern Warfare, which makes sense given its pedigree.

I'm sorry if you're a camper, this game doesn't reward that style of play.
When a game has more bots in it than actual players it doesn't matter what your style of play is. You can just slap on Minion Finder and kill bots all game. I've seen gameplays where a guy killed 28 bots and only 5 actual players and was the highest scoring player in the game.

Titanfall is a joke. It's a casual shooter for casual players, it has zero staying power... killing retarded AI with your lock-on pistol until you get in your cheesy ass mech is only fun for so long.
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