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Originally Posted by Third Eye View Post
Basically every FPS of the last 6 years has at least some of those traits.
That's not necessarily a bad thing. The most fun FPS I've played in the past couple years was Crysis 3 and it had almost all of those things. What made that game so fun for me was good players stood out in that game because you had more health and the speed/jumping/cloaking abilities your character had allowed you to get in and out of any situation. The killstreaks didn't dominate that game either the way they do in COD. I'd still be playing that game right now if the devs didn't ruin their game with the last patch they released.

I had high hopes for Titanfall. If they would have designed that game around infantry combat instead of those stupid mechs I would have gotten it day one. But they didn't, and to make things worse they threw in bots because the Xbox 1 couldn't handle anything higher than 6v6 without destroying the framerate.
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