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Originally Posted by scho63 View Post
Derrick Johnson getting negative pub for being a deadbeat. Do all Derrick's who play for the Chiefs have this problem?


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, your three time pro-bowl Kansas City Chief is a dead beat dad. He has been absent in his sons life and he refuses to abide by the court order. He would rather feed the attorneys than cover his sons child care expenses. He is now requesting full custody just to get out of child support. The mother of his child has worked through her pregnancy and returned to work shortly after. She is now in grad school and works full time. Mr. Johnson has multiple children by different women and he is still procreating yet he refuses to provide for the child he has. These athletes make millions yet their children are being supported by tax payer dollars. Food stamps, child care and healthcare. Black athletes are an embarrassment.
This makes me sad.- nik

I think you're taking a crack at D.T. and if so, you need to do your homework. True, he had a lot of children out of wedlock but he owned up to that fact and financially provided for all.

Also, athletes of all races can be are dead-beat dads and if so they are all embarrassments.
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