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Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
Fast WRs like Avery and Jenkins don't really have the ability to box out DBs and out-jump them for the ball. That's why a fast TE is a much deadlier threat, IMO.
you are confusing the issue of vertical seperation and horizontal seperation. Avery and Jenkins can create horizontal seperation. They dont have to "box out dbs and out jump them for the ball" because they have created seperation. Players like Bowe and Baldwin have to "outjump" defenders because they havent created horizontal seperation and thus have to create vertical seperation.

Alex Smith doesnt like to throw to guys covered. He doesnt like throwing to a crowd and depending on his reciever to "box out and out jump".

Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
You have to keep in mind, Leonard is putting up these numbers at 250+ pounds, not 190-210 like your typical speed WR. As a TE, he'll be going up against safeties and LBs the vast majority of the time vs Avery and Jenkins who have to try to outrun CBs who are just as quick and fast as they are. And if an offense sticks a CB on the fast TE instead of a S or LB, the TE is going to be able to outmuscle virtually any CB in this league (not named Sherman).
Sure, its a game of matchups, and Reid likes to get his skill players in space. Having a reciever (whether a TE or wr) who can stretch the field will open up things for the running game (less men in the box) as well as JC as a reciever. JC and Bowe will continue to be the primary receiving options in Reid's offense. I just dont see Reid sending a TE out to "outrun" anyone. He wants guys who can get horizontal seperation very quickly. That has been his M.O. and a pillar of his West Coast offense.

Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
That's why the Gronk and Hernandez combo was so deadly, no one had/has the players to match up against them.
against them as a combo, sure. Gronk is a big matchup problem by himself when healthy.
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