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Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Or, considering that the other seven times it's mentioned in the paper, it is referring to extremists, this one case was just an oversight?
that would be a question for Mr S.

Originally Posted by Donger View Post
You are aware that JTRIG is part of British intelligence, right? Not US.
yes, but the document referenced were marked for US as well as other countries participating in the "5 eyes." It has been shown that that 5 eye countries work closely together and coordinate activities and information on behalf of one another.

Its hard to believe that the US government is not participating in similar operations based on the fact that they tried to procure such technologies in 2011, and the NDAA of 2013 essentially authorized propoganda within the US borders. Also the document referenced were on NSA servers accessible by Booz Allen Hamilton.

Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Are you a 9/11 truther, BTW?
what would that be?

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