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Originally Posted by Donger View Post
You do realize that no government is EVER going to give the GP access to all of its secrets, right?
no. I dont expect all information to be unclassified immediately, but I expect it to be unclassified eventually. I hope that it is unclassified in a timely manner.

Once again, Obama has stated he is against indefinite classification and so does his executive order.

Originally Posted by Donger View Post
If so, it seems rather odd (and perhaps rather convenient) that you won't make a decision on 9/11 without them.
why is that odd? Notable politicians have stated that the US public is not getting all the information regarding 9-11 based on what they have seen in classified sections of the the 9-11 report.

Originally Posted by Donger View Post
For me, I've yet to see any evidence or proof that 9/11 didn't happen exactly as the commission said it did.
ignorance is bliss.

Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Where did they claim they were/are doing what you say they are doing?
In the GCHQ slides shared in Glenn Greenwald's article which is linked in the OP. He shows a slide to back up each of his assertions. If you have difficulty understanding than I would suggest you ask your questions in the commentary section of that article. I am confident He or one of his readers can help answer your questions.

as I said in the OP:

I tried copy/pasta but the article is long, difficult to to embed all images/links of which there are many.
I dont think it would be appropriate or wise for me to embed all the images in this thread. I am definetly not going to do it to continue your ad nauseum and circular arguments.

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