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Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Wow, okay. No where do those slides say or even intimate that that is what is actually happening, but you are fine with accepting that it is.

And I know why: because you WANT to believe it is happening.
sounds like you WANT to believe that it is not happening. Once again, if you dont believe what Greenwald is stating as fact, than you can take it up with him. There are a number of ways to contact him including his comments section of the article, twitter, and other mediams of communication.

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
I find it interesting to know who the lunatics are. You've outed yourself as one, as well as a spineless hypocrite.
You think I am a lunatic for wanting to make an informed decision? I think you just want to discredit me, and thus are accusing of mental illness. That is a form of propoganda and spurious debating technique. poor form.
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