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Originally Posted by article
I notice that people are complaining about Glenn Greenwald's latest piece about the spy agencies' rat****ing operations because of its "tone" and I realize that it's time to remind people of this little episode in case anyone's gotten it into their heads that this is just some paranoid conspiracy theory:
How Spy Agency Contractors Have Already Abused Their Power

Originally Posted by article
Two years ago, a batch of stolen e-mails revealed a plot by a set of three defense contractors (Palantir Technologies, Berico Technologies and HBGary Federal) to target activists, reporters, labor unions and political organizations. The plans— one concocted in concert with lawyers for the US Chamber of Commerce to sabotage left-leaning critics, like the Center for American Progress and the SEIU, and a separate proposal to “combat” WikiLeaks and its supporters, including Glenn Greenwald, on behalf of Bank of America— fell apart after reports of their existence were published online. But the episode serves as a reminder that the expanding spy industry could use its government-backed cybertools to harm ordinary Americans and political dissident groups.

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