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Originally Posted by Sorter View Post
So why exactly would you be inclined to believe an report?
In order to make an INFORMED decision, one must have all the facts. I dont know if a fully unclassified 9-11 report has all the facts. It likely has all the facts that they have. Senator Bob Graham suggests that the FBI did not do a thorough report. In any case, its more information than I currently have and will allow me to make a MORE informed decision.

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
I admitted--it is based on my opinion of your statements + your dodging of the question.
I think I've answered every question in this thread, and numerous repetitive questions about 9-11. what question have I dodged?

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
No, I can't argue based on facts--you won't concede that there are any facts.
That is not accurate. Where have i stated there are not any facts? you are misrepresenting my position which is a propaganda technique and a spurious debating technique. that is poor form.
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