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Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
I asked: Based on what you know--what do you think?

I'm not sure that there's many topics where someone has every last fact, verified to 100% certainty. Hell, we execute people based on "beyond a reasonable doubt." We don't require 100% certainty to kill someone! You can't even generate the courage to express an opinion.
I answered the question and expressed an opinion

Originally Posted by planetdoc View Post
It would be sickening and enraging for the US government to carry out an attack against the American people such as 9-11. I hope that is not the case. It would be something I wouldnt want to believe. My "gut" will be tainted by those hopes.

Originally Posted by patteeu View Post
I'm sorry you feel badgered, but I disagree that my questions are overly repetitive or poor form.
ok. noted.

Originally Posted by patteeu View Post
You seem to take inconsistent positions when on the one hand you refuse to draw conclusions on the 9/11 attacks because you don't have full information
I refuse to draw a conclusion because congressman state vital info is being kept from the public regarding 9-11.

To me its like telling a patient they have an illness (such as cancer), and leaving out the details (such as type, stage, etc). They would be unable to make an informed decision regarding treatment. It would be malpractice to require them to do so with such limited info.

Why should I make a conclusion based on information that congressman have stated is limited and without vital information?

Originally Posted by patteeu View Post
but on the other hand you believe something nefarious has been proven on the government surveillance and government propaganda fronts despite an obvious lack of full information.
the government is welcome to share information refuting Glen Greenwald's claims.

Originally Posted by patteeu View Post
That apparent inconsistency encourages questions.
I can see why you feel that way. I apologize for stating that your line of questioning is poor form.
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