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Originally Posted by KC native View Post
You are dumb.
you are now ignored.

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
You realize you've set a standard where you can never form an opinion on anything?
not true. I want to see the fully unclassified 9-11 report from the 9-11 commission. I also acknowledge the 9-11 commission may not have all the facts about 9-11. They have even aknowledged that recently. I realize it will be impossible to have all the facts regarding the event, but I am willing to wait to see the "vital information" that congressman have stated is being with held from the public.

BTW, based on what I have read it seems the 28 classified pages of the 9-11 report have to do with the involvement of prominent Saudis in 9-11.

It appears like you are purposefully ignoring those legimit concerns voiced by myself as well as US congressman, and the recent revelations that the 9-11 commission didnt get all the info from the FBI regarding what they new about Al-qaeda.

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
Since you really can never be sure that there aren't more facts out there, somewhere, you can never have an opinion. Maybe the weakest cop-out I've ever seen.
not true.

Originally Posted by cosmo20002 View Post
And you're a doctor?
I prefer the term physician. Doctor is non descript since that now essentially counts for phd, jd, pharmd, doctor of optometry, etc.

edit: I've put you on ignore now as well. Based on your responses in this thread it appears as if you arent interested in a meaningful discussion and just interested in name-calling, etc. Its not worth my time.

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