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Originally Posted by AustinChief View Post
Funny side note: A year or two back someone brought up gay marriage at the bar and at some point I mentioned that people are BORN gay and I was shouted down by the LIBERALS in the bar. WTF??? No real point here just thought it was weird.
Surprising for sure. You would think you would have been shouted down by Conservatives as did you. But Austin I believe it is both. Being a Christian psychotherapist for many years I have had the opportunity to counsel a fair amount homosexual men on many occasions. I've never counseled lesbians so I cannot speak to that population, only the men. I can only speak for my experience and the number of cases I've had to this point. When I say I believe it is both, I believe out of the population I had it was about a 80/20 mix meaning 80% of the cases homosexuality was learned and 20% were born homosexual. With that being said one would think if some were born that way then that means God must approve of and want homosexuality as well, correct ? Not in the slightest based on God's Word regarding homosexuality. As you know the Bible teaches that man is fallen because of his disobedience eating fron the tree of knowledge. This disobedient act screwed everything up ruining paradise for all. Everything from bad breath to physical handicaps. Everything ! This includes sexual orientation IMHO as well. I see those 20% who say they were born this way as actually having a physical handicap of brain chemistry when it comes to their own sexual orientation. So yes I do believe some are born this way not because God wants and approves homosexuality but rather the original sin of man that brought this cross wired errant brain chemistry on his own sexual orientation to a small population of the masses.

Now about the other 80% which is learned IMHO based on my case load experience. The media would have you think otherwise but I can tell you speaking from my own experience 70% of the 80% were victims of trusting relatives and close family friends who were pedophiles and violated them routinely for a long period of time starting at a very early age thus 'learning the homosexual lifestyle' over time in a false loving and false relational environment taking advantage of the not only the child's innocence but moreso taking advantage of the child's need of love and approval from a father like figure that was either absent in the child's life. The other 10% of the 80% was learned as well but is just to horrific to speak of to say the least. What I find very interesting in talking with a lot of my colleagues their ratios are very similiar to mine both Christian and Secular alike.

This is why I say it is both. I don't judge the homosexual whatsoever and I feel a great deal of compassion for them as I give them the hope and grace in Christ.

Bottom line: Homosexuality is an unconscious rejection of their own gender and why men are more feminine and females more 'butch'. A common thread in most not all but most is that the homosexual has or did have a very contentious or non-existent relationship with the same sex parent and had an overly emotional enmeshed relationship with the opposite sex parent.

Contrary to popular belief what I learned throughout the years from my homosexual patients are that they and the majority of homosexuals in general don't like being homosexuals and know something is wrong with their sexuality and it's not because of society or the church. What you see in the media is not an accurate representation of how your average homosexual feels about him or herself and the issues that go along with living the homosexual lifestyle.

These are the dirty little secrets you will never hear in the mainstream media FWIW.
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