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I calculated the "Speed Score" for this yrs WRs.

Speed Score is Football Outsiders' metric for evaluating running back prospects. It's built on the simple idea that, because smaller backs tend to run faster than larger backs, we should be more impressed by a 4.5-second 40-yard dash from a 220-pound back than the same clock reading from a 170-pound back. As such, Speed Score incorporates a back's official time in the 40-yard dash with his weight to produce a measure of his speed given his size using the formula, (Weight * 200)/(40 time^4). As a guide, we consider a 100 Speed Score 100 as average, with anything below 80 serving as a giant red flag, and anything above 120 serving as a giant neon sign.
Kniles Davis had the best in last yrs draft, and I think that Dorsey relies heavily on metrics when drafting. His 2013 draft picks were all workout/combine warriors.


Abbrederis 95.1
Beckham 102.8
Benjamin 106.3
Bryant 110.6
Coleman 104.1
Cooks 107.5
Enunwa 114.8
Evans M. 109.7
Evans Q. 103
Fowler 104
Janis 114.8
Mathews 107.2
Moncrief 117.9
Watkins 109.6
Wilson 105

current chiefs based on combine:
Bowe 106.8
Avery 99.7
Jenkins 104.2
Hemingway 111.7
McCluster 81.7

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