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So, based on what dorsey has said (likes size/speed), his previous draft (workout warriors), draft rumours (chiefs raving about big wrs), and need to find a bowe replacement (he can be cut in 2015 for cap savings, and will be 31 at the start of the 2015 season):

1. he probably isnt interested in marquis lee (poor speed score, drop issues and injuries in 2013)

2. Cooks > Beckham

3. guys with a speed score over 105 (avg top 20 nfl wr) that he will look at that might be available when chiefs draft

Benjamin 106.3 (poor route runner, not quick, limited production)
Bryant 110.6 (inconsistent hands, 1354 yrds college career)
Cooks 107.5 (small, great everything else)
Enunwa 114.8 (1500 career yrds)
Janis 114.8 (inconsistent hands, great college production, small school)
Mathews 107.2 (great everything)
Moncrief 117.9 (great everything)

I would bet at least 1 of these 4 [enunwa, janis, mathews, moncrief) are chiefs....if the chiefs draft a wr.

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