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Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
And I think that this is where a guy like Beckham is the outlier against the "taller receiver" trend.
I agree with you, but I'm just stating what I think Dorsey does. He will probably see that the chiefs have 2 similar players in Avery and AJ Jenkins (though I realize they have their warts). He probably wont take a risk on "outliers."

I also think Bowe plays a large part in this. Bowe is being paid like a top 5 receiver, but has only gained 1474 yrds in the last 2yrd combined. We can make excuses for it, but I think even bowe knows that 2014 will be a "make or break" year for him. He stated that he plans on losing alot of weight to gain speed and stamina (something he tries to do every offseason with varying degree of success). Chiefs are stuck with Bowe for 2014 because his salary is guaranteed. In 2015, when he is 31 his cap hit $14 million!!
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