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Same with me. My oldest daughter thinks it's cool as shit, my youngest calls me "ma'am".

I have seriously curly Jewish hair, so I had kept it real short (2 inches or shorter) for the first 35 or so years of my life. The awkward phase was REALLY awkward, all the way past 8 inches or so (think white guy with a massive fro) but now that it's down past my shoulders, it has relaxed a lot.

The ladies in my office hate me. They gotta pay over $100 to get hair that looks like mine.
My dad and grandpa give me shit every time they see me. ESPECIALLY my grandpa. I have thick brown hair that's slightly wavy. It looks pretty bad right now, I'm not gonna lie. Some days are ok. I'm so close to being able to tie it back. I think I'm just gonna pass on the trim and let it go. Shit would probably grow a lot faster if I drank water like humans are supposed to and ate good fruits and vegetables.
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