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Originally Posted by Jakemall View Post
He had a big day. That'll push him up a couple rounds...
Scouts say pro days are a tiny part of their evaluations

“That’s 95 percent of the grade,” Cardinals scout Chris Culmer said of college tape. “Pro day is a little tiny final piece of the puzzle.”

Lions scout Joe Kelleher says that by the time he is attending a prospect’s pro day, he has already watched about half of that player’s final college season. By the time a scout has seen that much of a player on the field, there’s not much that can change about an evaluation based on a workout in shorts and a T-shirt.

“Generally after that fifth, sixth or seventh game it’s not as dramatic as say bumping a guy up two rounds or dropping two rounds, you’re just saying, ‘Hey, he can do this,’ where I didn’t see it in my report before,” Kelleher said.
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