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Here is my case for Louis Nix

The chiefs have depth at just about every position on the chiefs roster other than NT and possibly kicker/punter (though the team could pick someone up off the street easily).

-both Fisher and Stephenson can play LT
-Kush can backup Center, team has a number of players who can play guard
-team has depth at QB, RB, TE, and WR.
-team has a number of players at DE
-poor depth with Moses at OLB, some depth at ILB
-number of players who could rotate at DB
-number of players who can play kick/punt returner if need be.

If Poe is injured, who would play NT? Really cant see Vance Walker or Jay Howard filling that role. Bailey and Catapano are too small. Maybe its Cory Grissom or someone else that they bring in.

In either case, I think its critical that the team find a backup NT. It seems to be the 1 position that the team currently has 0 depth. Team cant expect Poe to play another 1000+ snaps injury free.

A good game to watch of Nix would be the 2013 BCS championship game against Alabama

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