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Originally Posted by OldSchool View Post
False. Devito played less than 40% of the defensive snaps last year and he was our "starting" LDE 5-tech.

Jackson played a little more at 45% of the snaps, he had a few more opportunities in sub packages than Devito did before our coaches decided that he sucked at pass rushing.

We spent a hell of a lot more time in sub packages than we did in our "base" 3-4 defense, and even then our DEs didn't always line up as true 5-techs.
that doesnt tell me how many snaps they were at 5-tech.

Tyson Jackson 509 snaps
Allen Bailey 453 snaps
Devito 446 snaps.

one can be in a sub package and still have a player playing 5-tech. The chiefs could have also been rotating Jackson, Bailey, and Devito.

here are examples from the seahawks since you all like to keep bringing them up.

Here is the Jets 2010 rex ryan playbook

and an example of a 5-tech in a sub package (3 man front).
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