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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
I never said it was.
you sure as hell implied it.

Well, Sutton came from the Jets. One only has to watch the Jets for about 2 quarters before they get it.
Sutton has said before that this is not the Jets defense but the chiefs defense.

Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
In fact, everything you posted supports exactly what I said.

you, nor anyone else, has provided evidence how many snaps (or percent of plays) that the chiefs use a 5-tech. you make ASSUMPTIONS based on the snaps of players (devito/jackson) that no other player also plays a 5-tech position for any number of plays. You make the ASSUMPTION that the chiefs dont use a 5-tech in a sub package formation. I showed that it is possible to be in a sub package formation and use a 5-tech. Heck, for that matter, what percent of plays do the chiefs use a 3-tech for the 2013 season?
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