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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Again, I watched him play quite a bit. There were many times when you could see a lack of effort.
What you assume as lack of effort can be something else.

Hageman's production is relatively modest compared to other top prospects for a reason: his technique is still quite raw. The fact that he's a defensive line convert still shows, as he struggles to disengage from blockers using his hands and lacks pass rushing moves. He's inconsistent in utilizing his length while engaged, often not being in ideal position to extend into his blocker and dominate as he should. With his size, he needs to learn how to keep his pads lower with more consistency as he has a lot of body to latch onto, which plays a part in his losing battles at the line. His dealing with double teams is less than ideal, as he often lacks a plan while attacking them, not being quickly aware of the extra attention and running into a wall. He could also stand to add lower body strength to help him improve his dealing with double teams. His long legs can leave him susceptible to cut blocks.

He has a lot to learn, but so did Poe. His physical gifts are something that cant be taught and something that is worth the #23 pick with the new CBA.

last yrs #23 pick was DT Shariff Floyd. His contract
Signed a four-year, $7.671 million contract. The deal included a $4,253,600 signing bonus.
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