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Originally Posted by Tuckdaddy View Post

What is everyone's obsession with playoff wins? In pro sports only the champ matters. Playoff wins are meaningless. The Donkeys are not the champs. They got their ass kicked by a better team but for some reason they pretend like their season was some major accomplishment. No way they will be champs this year either. Manning will blow it like he has time and time again. Mannings age and the SB hangover that has plagued teams for the last 20 years will do them in. Manning will be Damn near 39 at seasons end. No fudging way be gets them the title.
say what you want but you'll never convince me that you consider zero playoff wins to be the same as some playoff wins... no one would... you would certainly prefer your team win than lose even if ultimately you still fall short of the SB title... thats for sure..

my broncs got hammered in the SB, no doubt... but i enjoyed the year and i enjoyed watching them get there by beating the rest of the afc..... and pumped for this year...
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