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Holy shit I had another little breakthrough on the range today. Even though I've committed to the golf grip and with the help of Hamas Jenkins showing me the handshake follow through I still felt like I want hitting the ball all that well.

I have been making great contact but felt like I was not hitting the ball in tempo. Turns out I have never had the proper takeaway. Toda, iI practiced the handshake on the backswing and discovered that I have always failed to get any wrist cock or lag. Included in that is the tendency to "pick" the ball.

Today, just on a whim, I decided to consciously use the handshake in the backswing which forced me to turn the club in the backswing. Low and behold, I was coming down in the right plane and hitting the ball AND TAKING A REAL DIVOT. And I was smooth through the backswing. I added 10 yards to my 7i without even trying. I was at Smiley's golf complex so it was easy to measure.
Hamas, if it were socially acceptable I would let phillfree blow you in front a stadium full of people for helping me. Thanks for doing it phillfree.

If I can translate this to the course I'll be thrilled.
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