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Originally Posted by 'Hamas' Jenkins View Post
What you are doing is allowing the clubhead to turn in sync with the arc of your golf swing. A good drill for that feeling is to stand straight up and hold the club straight out with your arms fully extended, like you're hitting a baseball on a chest high tee. Then, swing it straight back behind you. You'll notice that your right arm naturally rolls over as your left arm folds. As you swing it back to where the ball is, your arms will naturally close the clubface, and if you follow through to completion the clubface will be completely shut. That's pretty much what a golf swing should be, just on a different plane (one that matches the angle of the shaft relative to the ground at address).
Today I only took 6 clubs with me (6,7,8,9, PW, SW, LW) and hit about 100 shots.

It was sooooo natural. AND more powerful as the clubhead came in contact with the ball first. I literally stood there, mouth agape as I chunked up a nice divot using my 8i. The first 20 were may usual "swing easy and try to contact the ball" of which I chunked about 8.

The following 80 I chunked maybe 10. Now, not all of them were on target (alignment issue) but all of them were exactly how it's supposed to feel to hit the ball first andf then the ground.

Can you use this same philosophy with the driver? I mean not exactly the same arc right? But the same principle?

Dude, I really owe you for this. I'll have to send you a sleeve of balls.

Or phillfree can cup yours! (J/K phill)
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