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Okay okay. Introductions are done.

I've deigned myself the mediator (when I'm available) and simply hope both of you will answer questions I ask in hopes of furthering the discussion. You can, of course, ignore me. I'll try to be fair. I LIKE understanding what is beneath an individual's philosophy on life. My involvement here is purely curiosity.

The first question is

A)Eric Fisher, what is the most convincing evidence or reality that convinces you your belief is true, and to follow up: do you consider this a knowledge or faith?

B)Dave Lane, Do you believe there is no god or do you simply reject theism and are open to accepting the idea with evidence? A follow up question for each answer: If you believe the former, what evidence do you have to support that claim? If you believe the latter, what kind of evidence would it take for you to accept the existence of a god?

I actually WANT to see this discussion move in a positive direction.
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