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Originally Posted by Pawnmower View Post
I'm detecting a pattern here:

Your inability to recognize the difference between figurative and literal stories.

Your inability to view the negatives of science (completely biased / one sided)

Inability to see the positives of religion (again, shows bias)

Inability to ascertain that it is not ALL religions which are "in the news" causing violence and war...

Unwillingness to admit that the crusades , inquisition, and generally horrible aspects of Christianity are relegated to the past......and that by and large Christians are peaceful, world wide..and if anything are VICTIMS of government/fascist regimes/other dominant religions.

There are religions out there "in the news" causing violence and destruction world wide.....and people like you who throw out EVERY religion without at least giving a half hearted attempt to be honest about which religions are a problem NOW and which were a problem in the history books until they reformed are part and parcel of the death and violence in the world.

Equating modern western Christianity with say something like Sunni / Wahabi / Jihadi Islam in terms of causing violence in 2014 is the same thing as pulling the race card at ever opportunity or crying sexism / homophobia at every whim...It does more to make you look like an ignorant dishonest doofus than advance the cause of getting rid of the truly violent aspects that still remain of some religions today...
Which stories are supposed to be literal and which ones are supposed to be figurative? And how the **** would you possibly know that information? How the **** are you supposed to take the the story of Adam and Eve figuratively? Either it ****ing happened or it didn't. Either Noah's Ark (which was copied from a previous religion) happened or it didnt. Etc...Could go on and on and on...

There are negatives about the observation and explanation of the natural world? Do people misuse the technological advancements that we've made? Sure. But they don't kill people in the name of those technological advancements. People dont kill people in the name of guns or knives.

I admitted there has been some good that religion has done...but the negatives far outweigh the positives. That is obvious. And the good that religion has done, can be and obviously has been done without the need to believe in a god or be a part of a religion.

All religions suck. All of them are oppressive. Atheists in America focus on Christianity more because obviously Christianity is the dominant religion in America.

And yeah, lets just ignore the millions and millions of innocent people murdered in the past because of Christianity, that shit doesn't matter.

Lets now focus on homophobia, controlling the reproductive rights of women and indoctrinating children! Those are all very good things! And hey, let's continue to deny facts like Evolution and the age of the Earth and Universe and teach myths instead of actual science in science classes! Let's lie more to kids, that sounds like fun!

Lets continue to discriminate against people that use their brains and don't believe the same irrational things we believe!

Christianity is so peaceful!


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