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Bird bombs are the shit....

..... I love 'em.

True story. Three years ago today (4th of July), I'm working in an ER in Topeka, Ks when a guy walks in and shows his hand. Well, it used to be his hand.
Seems the poor city sap had some bird bombs. Only they were more of the home made variety. He had somehow rigged them with fuses. City dumbass lit one whilst carrying the other in his opposite hand. Sure enough, a spark flies from the lit fuse and ignites the other bomb.

He had it wrapped in paper towels. Blew his right hand to bits. He was nicknamed 'lefty' from that day forward.

If you run out of bird bombs there is also the Drano bomb.

Loud as hell.

When I was a kid my neighbors thought I was a mad scientist.
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