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Originally Posted by Phobia
It's stories like these that you should take to the grave....

Like the one I'm fix'n to tell.

My wife has a little lap dog, a Maltese. When he's ready for a bath, she drops him in the shower with me. Yesterday was that day. Normally, he's pretty mild about bathing because he knows he's gonna get a treat afterwards, but he wanted OUT of the shower.... So, I'm done bathing him and I rinse him off and I'm shampooing my own hair.... Close my eyes to rinse for 3 seconds and that damn dog had shit while my eyes were closed. Unbelievable.

This is a very finicky dog. He has an eating routine, an elaborate going to bed routine, and he takes 10 minutes to take a shit because he has to find the right spot and do his stupid poop dance.... I was shocked, but thought it was so funny that I didn't kick his ass.

Okay, this isn't half as funny as TK ass up in the air....

Just imagine if it wasn't the phone you dropped, TK. If it was a vibrator, you'd still be back there..... FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Phone is/WAS necessary........Thank God......... The vibrator would always be 2nd.

Take that KC helmet and just
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