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Originally Posted by hawaiianboy
Uh Sparky... Didn't we meet when I lifted your skirt up on your many swishes through the Raider board, which by your logic, you had a place where exactly?... I also noticed the name change and non-appearance post asskicking last year.... Witness Protection Program I guess...

Too late... The board may read Chiefs, but I own the paper on this mug... The Chiefs haven't sniffed the playoffs since my first appearance... Consider me their lucky charm much in the same way your momma considers that pinhole in the condom that created you hers...

Oh, and I'm suppose to be offended by Faider Fan? ! You are going to have to do better than that, alright? You don't own anything except for having the oldest players on any NFL roster! I think that Davis is having problems seeing these days and should update his perscription from those 1970s glasses...

Now go and pretend to be someone that I know from the past because if that is your way of getting my attention, especially from someone that has a girly name like you have, you are more of a comic than I thought. You want me to show you how to be a man, Boy? You use to own this board, but now, I'M TAKING OVER THIS OPERATION!

NOW GO AWAY FAIDER FAN AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO REBUILD YOUR OL GEEZER TEAM! Gannon, Rice, Brown and other blowhards are washed up so face the facts!

Boy spending time on board trying to be a man:


"Crime Does Not Pay"

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