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Originally Posted by tk13
Geez.... what a mess. Don't any of you people all get sick of each other? I never understood why gochiefs ever wanted to come back to this place because he'll never ever get any kind of fair shot, and I don't understand why everyone would want to waste a 150 post thread on the guy... he's got more controversy-pull around here than Taco, and that's saying something....

Personally, I guess it doesn't matter to me, but I think it's embarrassing to the BBS community as a whole... it's freaking football season, the Chiefs are looking as good as they have looked in a long, long, long, long, long time, and here we are having some guy who can throw a fit and cause an uproar and having a mod show off his ability to harrass the heck out of someone... yeah, that's just what I wanna see if I'm some lurker/fan/media member who just found the board....
OUTSTANDING! I can't believe I read most of this crap, but I'm proud to say I haven't responded to this thread....

errr - wait a minute.
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