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The makers of the tri-tronics shock collars have a book about retriever training. Half the book is about collar training, but the other half is about regular training for hunting purposes. The non-collar portion is very good.

If you want an obedient dog in the field you have to drill the basic obedience at home. By "drill" I don't mean to connote a heavy hand, but just that you have to sometimes keep reverting back to the basics.
"I always tell (the assistant coaches), 'Make it simple, 'cause I'm stupid,'" Edwards said. "This ain't computer football." Herm Edwards, 3-20-07

Q: Herm, back on December 25th you were asked if Trent Green was your starter going into next season and you said, ‘yeah, why wouldn’t he be?’ Have you changed your mind on that?

EDWARDS: No, I have not.”
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