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Originally Posted by PastorMikH
AND, with the modern sights and such, it makes becoming proficient with a bow much easier.

As for gut shooting with a bow, the same shot with a rifle will produce the same results. And, with gun, bow, or whatever, you really need to know at least some basics in tracking or be with someone that does before venturing afield because even with a good hit that doesn't shatter the spine or a shoulder, a deer can travel quite a ways before dieng.
I've been shooting rifles and hand guns for over 20 years and I can hit where I shoot which is usually at the top of the shoulder because I like them to drop immediately. I have had to track and can do that fine so that is not the worry.

I just have not shot a bow since I was a boy and I just don't have the time to learn, at least not now. Someday I would love to take up bow hunting. There are some nice white tails along the Boise river that I would love to stick an arrow in.
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