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Originally Posted by Simplex3
Ever hear of SRS? Don't think for a second these idiots in the schools won't call the authorities if you're not doing "what's in the best interest of your child." The feminists and the teacher's union are tied at the hip. A significant portion of teachers are feminists. Feminist doctrine will tell you that "All men are rapists and that's all they are" (Marilyn French, author of "The Women's Room"). What better way to slow down a rapist and oppressor than drugs?

Not everyone agrees with you. You are to be commended for letting your boys become men.

I have yet to hear of a case of a parent losing their child for refusing to place them on Ritalin. This whole Ritialin epidemic is not about feminists but about LAZY ASSED PARENTS...

Feminists can be blamed for some really stoooopid policies and views but this is really not one of them.
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