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Originally Posted by KCWolfman
Why wouldn't the same be true of the idiots listening to the feminazis day after day? Why wouldn't people want someone telling them how to raise their kids if they want to have someone tell them how to vote?

Denise, fact is that you are hypocritically inconsistent on this topic. What is sad is that I agree with you, we are not as easily led as some make us out to be. Unfortunately, our agreement ends there as you believe that only the left is not so easily led.

For some reason, you believe those who listen to the right wing to be of lesser intelligence than those who listen to the left. You raise the most ridiculous conspiracy theories I have ever read on this board. You need to change your signature to "as long as it's right, it's wrong".

You are as prejudiced as any KKK member alive - you just choose a different section of the populace to humiliate.
Russ, I said the folks have the intelligence. I said they CHOOSE not to use it.

Just like the parents who would succumb to teacher or doctor pressure to give their children drugs they INTUITIVELY KNOW is wrong. These parent's are choosing not to use their intelligence and are taking the easy way, cop out...

like Limbaugh's flock.
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