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Originally Posted by Mark M
First of all, the stats are being misused. I could say that my workplace is fair because half of the people are minorities, but if I only work with 5 people that's not saying a whole helluva lot.

Second, no one is stopping a white guy from playing FB or BB. If they're good enough, they get a job. Owners and collegiate ADs, on the other hand, are keeping competent, worthy minorities from coaching jobs. Not because they are necessarily racist, but because there's a "good 'ol boy network" going on. How else does Dennis Erickson get another job in the NFL when he sucked total ass the first time around? How the fucking hell does Schottenheimer still have a job? Why did Detroit make up their minds before even interviewing anyone else? Of course, I'm sure you'll say I've been brainwashed by the media, or that I'm PC, or however else you want to justify it.

Third, I agree that Affirmative Action doesn't work. Read my post a few pages ago and you'd have seen that.

Fourth and last, what I've "scene" on this BBs in this thread is ridiculous. White men crying about how they're soooo mistreated is the most pathetic thing I've ever "scene" in this place, and has shown me a lot about a few of its members.

I already knew that raiderhader was a sexist piece of crap. Hell, he's lucky my wife didn't kick his ass at Gators during the 37 Forever weekend. (BTW, it's called respect, Jamie. It's too bad you have none for women. No wonder you're a virgin--and if you talk to all women the way you did that Friday, you better get used to it.)

I already knew some here think it's okay to throw racial insults around--afterall, people are just "too sensitive" nowadays. I mean, racism is okay as long as it's not the poor, oppressed white man experiencing it.

This thread takes the ****ing cake.

See ya.

Detroit made up their minds to hire a SB winning coach, it really doesn't fit in your argument. We can go through the motions and act like we are going to give a black man a chance at coaching a team (like Jerry Jones did) if that is what the "balanced and fair" want, but it doesn't work. Dallas interviewed black coaches, do you truly believe they were going to hire anyone but Parcells? Why did they interview anyone else? Because they didn't want to be hit with a bogus fine like Detroit was.

Currently there are 3 black coaches out of 32 teams - Dungy, Edwards, Lewis. The black population is approximately 12% of the nation, there is not a whole lot of disparity there at all. While only one was hired after affirmative action was implemented in the NFL, he merely took the spot of another, Green. None of that is justification, it is fact. How did Tony Dungy get another job? Last I saw, he was still black. Why is Herman Edwards still at NY? Seriously, look at his record and give me an answer.

I honestly don't see a multimillionaire have the following issue: "hmm, I love owning my team and having it coached by a white man. Thanks to hiring Schottenheimer, I won't be able to raise ticket prices anytime soon, but at least he is white. I know Marvin Lewis would have got me to the SB, but I would rather be a loser with a white coach than a SB winner with a black one".
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