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Originally Posted by Michael Michigan
Naw--you said it. It was something like good luck Kyle---I won't be posting.

We were all just crushed.

Just because you keep denying it doesn't make it true.

And why would I put you on ignore? I don't mind your posts---just like to point out the obvious.

You crave attention and this is the largest audience you can get for it.

TJ was the same way (RIP)

Now maybe if you two combined your talents and started a whole new board.....

You are getting closer to the truth. "Good luck, Kyle. I won't be posting much..." I created the screen name 'dabreeze' (who's posting database was corrupted and ended up with a Greenbay fan's posts) so I could blow in and out like the wind. I posted I probably would not post much and might never be a regular. Not the same as saying I'd never post here. It's funny, there have been people who've confirmed this over the past couple of years and a group of people have a vested interest in perpetuating the lie they've created...if it makes YOU feel better, good but it's not the truth.

It does make ME feel better that you cling onto that untruth as it's humorous that most people have moved WAY beyond it...just a select few still clinging desparately. ROTF

In addition, I don't 'crave' an audience. If I have an 'audience' it's because people have chosen to partake of my comments for their own reasons. There are people, perhaps like yourself, who are regularly ignored or otherwise not much of a presence on the board. Doesn't mean you seek to be boring or otherwise just means people have chosen to respond to you in that fashion. Same goes in reverse.
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