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What a prick.

Let's get things straight. Robinson didn't come out and resign. He went to Vermeil and said "if you want I'll resign." Vermeil came back and said "yes, it is best if you do." Only then did GROB give in. I still don't understand why he did it since, allegedly, his contract was up in a few weeks. The team could have simply said we aren't renewing it. I guess that rumor about his contract being up wasn't true.

Second, the fans have a right to call out a coach who hasn't done his job. Even if it's the fault of the players, the coaches get the brunt of the criticism. It's the nature of the beast. Without the fans there is no team, there is no revenue, Gretz has no job. Was it classless to have threads about forms of torture and wishing bodily harm - no doubt. Some people were no better than the people in Philly who cheer injured players. But, there is nothing wrong with calling for a better coordinator after the present one has fielded the worst defenses in the history of the team.
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