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Originally Posted by royr17
so does anybody here have any real pointers of course i am gonna use protection and make sure that shes on birth control.

but is there anything i should really know about that would make her want sex or is there anything i could do that woud make feel good about having sex with me.

as yall know yes i am still a virgin but see i really like this girl and this girl really likes me and i need to know what to do if u can tell that she is getting hot.

keep bringing the pointers plz, thanks.

47 was real....but that's probably after.....

In all seriousness, you start dating a start hangin' out, and eventually nature just takes it's course usually; DON'T be timid about it, but don't be a smuck either....if she kisses back, try second base; if she gives you second, try stealin' third; if you make it to third, and she's still in a good mood and respondin'.....why stop there? It's not rocket science Roy....

Good luck; please report your progress to us back here.....
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