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Originally Posted by morphius
I can't even imagine being in ROYC's place right now...

Of course anyone who listen's to a guy that has done nothing but turn down (other) women for the last 15 years is in pretty bad shape.
I dont know if u are referring to me as turning down woman but see the chicks down here im not there type if u aint a bad boy or someone who is a pimp or has a bunch of muscles than u arent there type cause they like guys that have alot of muscles and i dont have the muscles.

plus im not skinny anymore when i was skinny there use to be so many girls attracted to me, but everysince i put on that weight they dont like me anymore so i've been trying to find a girl to like me for who i am.

as far as me turning down girls let me make it very clear IM SHY yea that right whenever i get around a girl i chicked out cause my shyness so thats also part of the reason why i am still a virgin.

but hopefully that will change on monday, hehe.
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