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Originally Posted by royr17
Ok fellows a little help here see theres this girl coming over on monday night, i like her and she likes me.

As i am ashame to say that i am still a virgin but im asking all you fellows that have experienced this what do u tell the girl when u want to have sex with her ?

How do u approach her about it ?

What do u say to her about it ?

Any help would be useful.

Thanks guys.

for starters... calm the hell down and relax!!! if you're this uptight when she comes over, you'll NEVER get any.

don't be ashamed of being a virgin. that's your first and biggest mistake. so what if you're still a virgin? everyone is a virgin at some point in time right? quit putting the pressure on yourself about that. SO fuckING WHAT??!!

listen, if you like this girl and she likes you, you're part of the way there. secondly, she's already agreed to come to your place. so just relax. the "innuendo" is already there. she wouldn't agree to come visit you if the thought of sex wasn't already there. just relax and try to be comfortable with her and make her feel comfortable being with you. the rest will happen from there.

have fun and good luck!
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