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Originally Posted by jAZ
I read on DU a bit ago that MSNBC (on TV, I didn't see it myself) is reporting that this Spy investigation is directly related to the Plame investigation going on now. That the Isreali's and their spy are responsible for forging the Uranium documents.

The speculation from the above is that the "Spy" is part of the intelligence stove pipe in the Office of Special Plans that Wolfowitz was responsible for. And that the spy was "inside the decision-making loop" so they could "try to influence the outcome."
this admin. would be toast if that were is way past time for an investigation of the OSP, which brought us Chalabi among other whoppers

the forged documents have long been speculated to have come from Isreal or Italy, which might explain why this administration has made no effort to figure out how they came to be used....
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